HONDA ATV are proven in New Zealand. Being the market leader for more than 40 years that tells you something. Its about Quality, durability and reliability. Honda ATV are built to work, not play like our competitors and this makes sense for New Zealand farmers. See our massive range of ATV’s and pick the one to suit your needs or call us to help out. Oamaru Honda has been there from the start of ATV in New Zealand, so we know our product.

We made the world’s first ATV in 1970. Today we’re still focusing on ways to make them better. No matter what you need it for, a Honda ATV has the technology and performance you require to get your job done. And with strong build quality, unmatched durability and overall cost of ownership that hands one to our competitors, you can see why Honda ATV is a good business decision.
We have the full range of accessories to fit your new or second hand ATV in store. Plus if you can’t make it in to see us, we will come see you at your place. Full range of demonstrators on hand so you can try before you buy.



You probably have a go-to person in your life— someone that you can count on in a pinch, the one you can count on when you need something done, done right, done now, and done without excuses. On the jobsite or the shop floor, it’s probably the shop foreman. And in the world of all-terrain vehicles that’s the Honda Foreman.

The Foreman independent range can tackle any job, available in manual only or our unique dual clutch 10 speed auto/manual transmission both of theses ATV will not let you down. Massive 600KG tow rating along with low low R&M just like there Honda brothers are the smartest decision you can make.

IRS TRX500FM6/FA6 FOREMAN Honda’s IRS uses a double-wishbone design with upper/lower A-arms to substantially reduce unsprung weight. The rear knuckle pivots use lightweight metal bushings in place of conventional ball joints and radius arms, eliminating geometry variations as the rear suspension travels through its stroke. This simple design maintains rear wheel alignment and further reduces unsprung weight, contributing to responsive overall handling.

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The engine is longitudinally-mounted. With the crankshaft in line with the frame you get direct driveshaft alignment to the wheels, improved drivetrain efficiency and a low centre of gravity. And it’s a major contributor to great stability, handling and balance, all features you expect from a Honda ATV.

Its proven fuel injected 500-class engine offers excellent power and fuel efficiency. The strong chassis offers a long suspension stroke for better handling and a smoother ride, perfect for rough terrain. Find yourself in a less than ideal situation? The front differential lock will help maximize front-end power.

Just as redesigned and even more rewarding. The hard-working TRX500FPM matches the TRX500FM new-feature for new-feature, but adds Electric Power Steering (EPS) to create an ATV that is even easier to operate. Whether you’re working on the farm or miles away from it, the EPS makes twisting and turning in tight quarters strain-free, stability over rugged terrain no sweat, and long hours on the saddle unnoticeable.

To provide unmatched reliability there are a host of developments including a chassis that is 20% stiffer than the previous model, new CV boots improve the durability of running gear, a revised swing-arm and new adjustable longer travel suspension add to the package. There is no question this ATV is built tough. New hard wearing body work gives the model a distinctive, no nonsense appearance. The 5-speed manual transmission with reverse is also built to last and designed to give you maximum control. Front diff lock will help this model crawl out of anywhere and with an improved weight carrying and towing capacity the 500FM simply works where other ATVs can’t.

Available in pow ier steer.

With 4 different models in the Rancher range,


TRX420FM1 (2WD/4WD)

TRX420FM2 (2WD/4WD Power steer)

TRX420FA2 (2WD/4WD Power steer dual clutch auto/manual)

The 420 now utilises the same frame as the 500cc models. The frame is 20 percent stiffer than before. Meaning your ATV can really handle the tough stuff. The TRX420FM is one of Honda’s most loved and biggest selling ATVs and now it’s even better. It’s your do-everything benchmark seller with a fuel-injected 420cc, OHV liquid-cooled engine and a strong 5-speed manual transmission. This ATV has all the features to make easy work of hilly terrain.

New mapping for the Programmed Fuel Injection system improves power delivery and throttle response. It also increases fuel economy so you can cover more ground out on the job. New front and rear suspension systems feature an increase in travel for a plush and controlled ride. With a new enclosed-axle type swingarm for improved durability the 420FM is ready for anything.

With its rugged next-generation styling, the Honda Fourtrax 420 offers exceptional pulling power, all-weather easy starts and quick acceleration, delivered by a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 420cc engine. It also features a beefy 5-speed gearbox. For stopping power to match, dual front hydraulic disc brakes with disc covers incorporate patented built-in scrapers that remove mud and snow from inside the front wheel. Easy to maintain and handle, the Fourtrax 420 is fun to ride with all the reliability you would expect from a Honda ATV.


All of the great design features of the FM1, plus an all new power steering system. The frame is 20 percent stiffer than before, meaning your ATV can really handle the tough stuff. With a fuel-injected 420cc, OHV liquid-cooled engine and a strong 5-speed manual transmission this ATV goes where you need to go. The electronic power steering system is next generation providing reduced low-speed steering effort for enhanced manoeuvrability and increased kickback resistance meaning you can cover the roughest terrain with the least of effort.

New mapping for the Programmed Fuel Injection system improves power delivery and throttle response. Front and rear suspension features an increase in travel for a plush and controlled ride. Revised bodywork provides easy access to service points, the Honda ATV’s look like they mean business, which of course they do!

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Sometimes ‘light work’ feels like anything but. There’s plenty to be done around the stables, and that fence in the yard won’t build itself. But at least there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about – your Honda Fourtrax 250 ATV. Anything but a light-weight.


An off-the-scales star performance puts the TRX680FA a cut above the rest. This ATV is one hardgoing beast when it comes to tackling to-do-lists. Feature-packed, the TRX680FA is really a Sport Utility Vehicle at heart, and style. Class-leading, it is the go-to machine for large trailer towing and pulling horse floats, thanks to its power, precision and ease.

The raw power comes from its 675cc 4-stroke, OHV liquid-cooled engine. The precision from the selectable 2WD/4WD. And the ease from the 3-speed automatic transmission with reverse. To top it all off it has a sleek SUV-like styling and riding feel. This is the biggest, most powerful quad in the Honda series; let your imagination run as wild as your surroundings.

Serious power with low R&M makes this unbeatable performance on NZ farms.